How to earn lp in sims freeplay & simoleons – 15 ways to make money

I get a lot of questions in style – how to earn lp in sims freeplay & free simoleons. That’s why I have prepared for you a list of ways that will be useful in the game. If you know any other methods then I invite you to share them with us.

make money in sims freeplay

It is very important for your sim to be inspired – this way he earns more money when he finishes the task.

  1. Buy them in the app store – If you don’t have the time or you are having trouble earning money – you can always use the option to buy simoleos or lifestyle points for real money. My advice is to buy LP instead of simoleons because it is much harder to get them.
  2. Level up in the game ! – The first one is the relationship reaching milestones and by completing rows in hobby.
  3. Town Value – Constantly expand the city to raise its value. For each level you get the appropriate amount of LP.
  4. Goals – Completing each quest gives you the right prize – it can be LP, Simoleons or XP. So do as many goals as possible, do weekly goals because you will get much bigger rewards.
  5. Garden – Gardening is a great way to earn simoleons! Use all the sims for this task, and you will gain a lot of simoleons. You have to manage your time wisely, for example, when you go to sleep, make sure your Sims plant the beans for 9 hours. But if you have a lot of time then you can plant a lot of things over and over, so your Sims will work in the garden and you will make a lot of money.
  6. Finding treasure by animals – of course your animals mostly find simoleons but sometimes they get LP. The more expensive your pet is, the more LPs it will find
  7. Daily reward – the mailbox supplies you with every 24 hours of free simoleons. The amount depends on the value of your city, the higher the value the more simoleons you get.
  8. Find a job – grow and work, when you get promoted you will earn even more.
  9. Boat party – make sure to have a lot of neighbors. The more of them, the more gifts you get. Most often these are simoleons however they sometimes happen lifestyle points.
  10. Bingo hall – a great place for seniors, you can enter here for the whole day.
  11. Hobbies – For simple tasks you will receive simoleons but for the completion of the collection you will receive the main prizes such as LP. You can finish them again for the LP prize. Cooking hobby is the best because in quick time you can get lots of simoleons & sims freeplay free lp.
  12. Drive the car around the city – by the car you get simoleons and lifestyle points.
  13. Competition center – Choose the sim that has the highest level in your hobby for 24 hours. When you take the first place you have 3 LP’s guaranteed. However, if you get weaker positions then you will still get some reward.
  14. Paperboy – free simoleons, social points and lp in sims freeplay. It appears in the city, just click on it to view the ad. You will receive a reward for this task.
  15. Use only the best methods & strategies. With us you will learn a lot of useful sims freeplay cheats within a couple of days. Just read our other guides from homepage.

Spend money wisely

Remember the most important, save your money – mostly LP. Do not spend them on something you will not use. Do not spend real money to buy simoleons & LPs in app store. A lot better option would be to use my tips that you will find above. I encourage you to see my other posts to learn more interesting methods.

I have also great video for you – learn how to get easly more SPs ( social points ).

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