How to play sims free play – beginners guide

How to start play the sims freeplay

The Sims FreePlay, which is intended for the iPhone, iPad and iPod users, happens to be a life simulation game created by Electronic Arts. In this article, we will throw some light on the Sims Freeplay guide.

Start the game

Let’s commence with creating the Sim which is of paramount significance since you are going to use it throughout your game. It is feasible to customize the Sim according to your own preference by setting its name, color, gender and so on from the main screen. For modifying the name, you need to tap on the “Name” field. Tap on the “Done” button once the name has been changed.

Customize your sim

You can likewise change the color of the skin simply by tapping on your preferred color. Now we will take a look at the “Randomize’ button on the main screen which will help you to randomize your Sim’s appearance. You will gain access to the head, hair and eye tabs from the main tab. Here it is feasible to tap on different head shapes, hair styles, and eye colors. Once you have finished creating your Sim, you need to tap on the check mark located at the lower part of the screen.the sims freeplay

First day at home

Upon finishing creating your Sim, you should be taken to your Sim’s house. After a brief period of time, a pop-up will result with a new target that you must fulfill. This will involve a stray dog which has ventured into your garden. You will find the canine just beside your Sim. An interaction menu will pop up once you tap on the dog and you will be able to select the actions that you would like to perform with the pooch. For instance, you might consider shaking hands with the creature by tapping on the “Shake Hands’ button. Your Sim will be receiving a Lifetime Point for doing that action.

Decorating a home – shopping

After a while, you will need to purchase a toilet for your Sim since it would be in desperate need of relief. Try to go for the least expensive toilet. You will be taken to the placement mode once the toilet has been selected. In this particular mode, the toilet can be moved to any location by tapping on just about anywhere in the residence. Your Sim will be able to use the toilet at this point. All you need will be to tap on the toilet so that your Sim can use it.

You are going to be granted Simoleons and XP for each and every action performed by you while playing the game. Of course, it’s your Sim’s mood which will ascertain exactly how much you will receive. You will be capable of keeping your Sim in upbeat mood simply by giving your focus to the different meters located at the screen’s bottom.

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