The Sims Free Play Cheats 2017 – update

So you’re hooked to Sims Freeplay and it’s not surprising. Almost everyone who’s played the life simulation game is hooked. For those of you who are uninitiated, Sims Freeplay is a mobile app for Android and iOS, in the style of the classic and best-selling video games by EA that have been entertaining us for decades.sims free play cheats 2017

Sims Freeplay lets you build the home you can’t build in real life, create unique scenarios and generally live a virtual life exactly the way you want. The joy of SIMS is having much more control in your virtual life than it’s possible to have in your real one.

You can dress up your SIMS, help them fall in love and get married and have kids. If such a life is too tame for you, you can take your SIMS on magical adventures instead, while you complete quests, acquire strange, magical pets and shop for items to decorate your ideal home with.

Sims Freeplay Cheats 2017

But sometimes it can be hard to save up simoleons (which is the in-game currency) to buy things and meet goals. For that reason, some enterprising individuals have discovered some sims free play cheats and gameplay workarounds to make virtual life just a bit easier or more fun. The latest update on the game was made in December 2016, so a few of the cheats below may or may not work with the latest game.

Make your SIMS sick: This is more of a hidden feature than a cheat, but not everyone may know about it. You can make your SIMS sick and vomit if you’re willing to clean up the mess afterwards. Simply hold your device tight, give it a good hard shake for around 4 seconds, wait for about 2 seconds and you’ll find the SIMS has vomited.

Doing this will give your SIM low hygiene for a while. If you’re yet to complete the quest of sending your SIM to work with low hygiene, this hint should point you on the way to completing it!

Speed up Growing Things: It can be boring waiting for certain long-term actions to take place. For example, building a house or growing vegetables. Growing veggies can take as long as 8 hours, but if you’re up near midnight, you may be able to get this done in an instant. It appears that the SIMS clock is reset at midnight. So rather than leave things to grow while you’re sleeping or at work, you can get a task started about a minute or two before midnight, and when it’s midnight, you’ll see the task completes instantly. Then you can get your next building project started and go to bed.

Here are a couple of other tips to keep in mind when you’re playing SIMS:

Just stop thinking about how much money you’re saving, and you’ll find it’s easier to save when you return! Try to level up your towns as fast as you can. The more expensive your town, the more you earn. The more expensive the ring, the more likely your SIMS couple will be engaged!

Go on and apply these tips to your game and have fun!

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