The Sims Freeplay – Making Best of the Possibilities

There is no dearth of life simulation games but when something comes from the EA stable, you expect it to be different. And no prizes for guessing that The Sims Freeplay tops the popularity charts. Sims franchise has enthralled millions of users and the Freeplay version is taking this popularity to newer heights. It comes with mark improvements over the Sims 3 (Mobile). THE POSSIBILITIES ARE LIMITLESS say the makers and it truly lives up to the expectations.

The game is currently available on Android, iOS, Amazon Kindle and Windows platforms allowing millions of users to enjoy it on the go. The Sims Freeplay iOS version takes the experience to a whole new level with astounding graphics, controls and features that give you a real-life experience. Compatible with iOS 5.1.1 and above you can enjoy this game on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

If you haven’t experienced anything from the Sims franchise before, the goal here is to create a career and continually build on it. During the course of the game you build relationships or/and create a few enemies and even start and manage a family. It replicates the simple and complex challenges in life. First two stages in any career are relatively easy and it gets tougher as you get acclimatized to the tricks of the trade. The best part about Sims Freeplay is the fact that you need not spend hours in front of a monitor like in case of The Sims.

the sims freeplay android

Are there any downsides? It isn’t as intricate and detail oriented as the original Sims game, but hang on the mobile version was never meant to be so. It has been tailored to offer you awesome experience on your hand-held devices. Nonetheless The Sims Freeplay offers you enough incentives to be glued to your mobile device. It’s time to get started with the POSSIBILITIES.

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