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What you need to know about Simoleons and Lifestyle Points

Anytime you fall short of simoleons and lifestyle points (LP) in The Sims FreePlay, this is what you need to do. Basically, there are two currencies that are very essential in this game for you to purchase the best items, but again, it takes quite some time for you to earn whatever you need.

Whenever you want to use cheating methods on the system, there are several ways to do that and get colossal amounts of both simoleons and LPs either on androids or on iOS. If you intend to follow the rules to the letter, there are several ways you can use for you to maximize the amounts of simoleons and LPs. Here are the details;money cheat

Completing Activities and Tasks

Inspired Sims are capable of earning more simoleons anytime they complete a task. Sims can get inspired if you make an effort of fulfilling their needs. If the social needs of your Sims are low, make an attempt of petting your dog or even talking to the other Sims that are on the phone. Alternatively, you can try meeting them in person

Upgrading and Advancing

Anytime you raise the Sim FreePlay levels, you gain more money as well as more lifestyle points. You can perfectly do this by creating a good rapport with the Sims; this will earn you milestones. When you are leveling up, you can build businesses, houses or even workplaces. This will increase the value of your land making you earn more money in the end

Cheating on iOS

When you replace the saved data that has excessive simoleons and LPs, your data will get erased and you will have to go back to square one and start allover again. Never download from any site that requires individuals to fill out surveys so that they can access the files

Cheating on Androids

It’s quite easy to download hacked Sim FreePlay from several places like PirateBay for instance. This is because all APK files have an android package format

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